Our packaging products are as varied as their future contents. We manufacture all sizes, manage also complex designs and deliver results that brave the harshest conditions.

Own corrugated production

On our corrugated plant we produce corrugated board formats in brown and white up to a width of 2.50 m. They are the starting material for the production of packaging products.

Paper qualities
Single layer in the corrugation profiles: F, E, B, C
Double layer in the corrugation profiles: FE, EE, EB, BC

Lamination of offset sheets as well as functional and decorative surfaces on single face corrugated boad are specialties from Packwell Schwepnitz.

Folding boxes

On our inline machine, we efficiently and quickly produce folding boxes in all sizes. In one single operation the formats are printed, die cut, creased, slotted, folded and closed.

Die cut corrugated boxes

Packaging products featuring complex designs are manufactured on a flat-bed or rotary punching machine. Handle holes, windows, special reinforcing elements, bottoms and integrated compartments can be realised. So called constructive packaging products provide special protection and an anti-slipping and shockproof fixing for sensitive goods.

Package interior installations

Interior installations such as ring inserts, intermediate layers, dividers and partitions separate products from each other and provide stability and protection.

Automation-oriented packaging

Normally, packages are set up, filled and closed by customers. Our automation-oriented solutions allow to perform these steps in an efficient manner - in one single operation. We manufacture automation-oriented packaging material and develop together with our partners packaging systems for automatic processes. We offer competent advice and attractive financing solutions.

Shelf-Ready packaging (SRP) solutions

Shelf-Ready packaging products can be quickly set up, filled and closed. Thanks to their smart design they are easy to handle at the point of sale. Promotionally effective overprints by offset or flexo printing combined with an attractive packaging shape make sure that customers opt for your product on the point of sale.

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