From monochrome warning notes up to photo-realistic subjects by offset printing - Packwell Schwepnitz realises overprints by the ideal process in any case. Thus, you will get optimal quality at an optimal price.  

Five-colour flexo direct printing

This is a process that directly prints onto the corrugated cardboard formats. It even allows complex overprints at an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Packwell Schwepnitz prints on your packaging with up to five colours.


As a high-quality alternative Packwell Schwepnitz offers printing in the preprint process, also called roll preprint. This process prints on paper rolls before they are further processed to corrugated cardboard. Compared to flexo direct printing, papers with lower grammage can be used. It is recommended for large runs because of the expensive printing blocks.

Offset printing

This is the optimal solution when highest quality is required and finest details are to be reproduced in a photo-realistic manner. Lamination of offset printed sheets is a specialty of Packwell Schwepnitz. Experienced offset experts realise with you and your advertising agency promotionally effective solutions that present your products adequately.

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